Helping Farmers

learn all about Safe and Functional Agriculture

As High Tech Agri walks continues on its path of a trailblazer in the aspects of green farming and production and supply of inputs to plants, a new vertical venture in this direction called “AGRICLINICA” is being undertaken and spearheaded by Dr. Nagaraj Hegde. It was launched to implement the advantages of technology in the agricultural domain and hence optimize production through precision farming techniques. By educating farmers about how to produce, protect, and provide nourishment to crops, we are able to maintain a balance between the need to preserve the environment and the demand for food.

Agriclinica's Initiative

towards solving food related problems

The main aim of Agri Clinica is to bring about awareness and educate the Agarian Community the methods and benefits of Vedic agriculture along with the working of the market.

Farmers know that we have their back and in case of any trouble they can count on us.

  • We help farmers face the hardships that natural catastrophes like drought and flood brings.
  • Our professionals educate farmers who lack the necessary expertise needed to grow a healthy crop.
  • The guidance that farmers need to deal with pest infestation and diseases that attack crops is given to them.
  • They are taught how to deal with water scarcity.
  • We teach them about the market and how it works.

Why is Agri Clinica

the future of farming

Agri Clinica is the blend of Vedic Agriculture, Drone application and Geo-Spatial technology. All of these effective methods combine together to produce a powerful force that can save the ecosystem and enhance the production. It is high time that the agrarian community adopts the technology that can improve productivity of crops. To achieve sustainability, and a safe ecosystem, we have to embrace the benefits of Drone application.

Middleman no matter how important some of their features are can prove to be a risk as most are not knowledgeable or licensed and there is no transparency. They may suggest the wrong product which would further damage the plant, sell duplicate or expired products, and also charge higher than the MRP. Agri Clinica takes care of all that problem.




Farmers approach Agriclinica with a problem


The precise images obtained are examined, evaluated and analyzed by an experienced team of biologist


The disease is identified and the right plant medicine is prescribed


Right Investigation. Right Prescription. Right Medicine. Right Application. Healthy Soil, Healthy Plant, More Profitable Yield, Happy Farmer


After visiting the farmer’s site a trusted and skilled professional from Agriclinica shares GPS Coordinates and pictures to the operation center


Satellite fitted with a high-definition resolution camera that can capture richer, sharper and high resolution images of the farm that can be zoomed to 3 sq inch


A drone fitted with the plant medicine is used to spray on the specified infected area with the appropriate amount.


The problem is completely treated in a few days

What are the advantages of using

Drones in the agricultural sector

Here, is a list of benefits that you can derive from the use of drones.

Better analysis of the field and soil

Before starting the agricultural procedure of growing crops, the Drones can help to create accurate 3D maps. With the help of this, farmers can plant the crops after proper planning. Once the seeds are sown, data will be offered regarding how to irrigate the soil and use the nitrogen-level management.

Crop spraying

The features of ultrasonic echoing and lasers helps to maintain and measure the distance from the ground. The drones are used to spray on the ground with appropriate amount of liquid and covers the entire field. This not only increases efficiency but also reduces the penetration of chemicals into the groundwater.

Crop Monitoring

Farmers face a lot of trouble trying to monitor vast acres of land. This problem worsens with unpredictable weather conditions, it also adds to the maintenance expenses. Drones can help farmers with precise information about the development and production of crops, leaving no room for inefficiency.

Smart Irrigation

A farmer can improve the quality of the soil and crops by identifying the exact locations that need irrigation. The thermal sensors used in drones can help in the identification process and also calculates the vegetation index.

Health Assessment

A plant will not survive if it has bacterial and fungal infections. It is mandatory to assess such problems and put an end to it. Drones can scan crops with the use of visible and near-infrared light. This will help to clearly identify the problems and address them before it becomes dangerous. With appropriate knowledge about the problem and ways to deal with it, farmers can have a better yield.