Tea Spl is a unique organic liquid formulation. It is a mixture of plant nutrients in most balanced and easily available form. This concentration specially designed to feed tea.

Benefits of Tea Special
  • Increases yield, it stimulates the growth of young shoots those are of commercial importance.
  • Recovery potential of the plant increases drastically.
  • Maintains quality in each harvest (same as first flush in subsequent harvest).
  • Increases resistence to diseases and environmental stress.
  • Maintains storage freshness.
Dosage: Add 3 ml of Tea Spl and 1 ml of Wet Magic in a litre of water and mix them well. Complete drenching of both upper and lower foliar.
Time of application: As the product is food for plants, it is advised to give in split dose and as frequently as possible. The nutrient required may vary with severity of pruning and age from pruning. All forms of pruning should be followed by application of fertilizers dose and Tea Spl spray.
Packs available :  1 Ltr., 5 Ltr., 50 Ltr., 200 Ltr.

”Tea Yield Enhancer’

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