Food being the basic necessity of all living organisms, FOOD SAFETY has become one of the serious and major issues in our society because of unsafe practices at farm level.

In order to reduce the risks that arise during the unsafe practices during the production of food, there is a greater need to design and develop safer agricultural practices. Food free from the unwanted molecules and microbes are SAFE. Presently most of the foods are infected with the residues of many unsafe molecules and certain safe molecules at unsafe levels. Food which contains all the required nutrients in desired proportions is called FUNCTIONAL food.

High Tech Agri Services plays a key role in developing SAFE AND FUNCTIONAL inputs in agriculture. It is a unique and first ever approach in agriculture that was conceptualized only by High Tech Agri Services. Functional farm inputs are those inputs that have a potentially positive effect on overall health of crop beyond basic nutrition and help in reducing the risk of pest, disease and unfavorable environmental conditions. “Enhanced function” of Functional inputs aims to specific psychological and biological activities beyond their established role in the growth, development and other normal functions of crops. With this background HTAS has developed and offering crop specific and trait specific solutions to the farming community across the globe.

The R & D at HTAS is continuously focusing on innovations and that has lead to the introduction of a number of new molecules and new formulations. Our pool of experts dedicated in designing and development of new SAFE AND FUNCTIONAL agri inputs, which are of less or least harm to environment and as well as humans and animals. The supporting staffs at R & D are expertise in making new formulations that makes plants to grow healthy.

Disease management and insects management has become serious threat during cultivation. Our R & D staffs and experts are focusing on the aspect to overcome the threat posed by disease  and insects. Many molecules have been invented through number of experiments and it is said to be more powerful in preventing and curing many serious and deadly disease of plants and also aids in controlling pests invasion. The same is proven in field trails also. Now our R & D members are focusing on water management as management of water in agriculture has become a serious issue. Many formulations have been made in order to overcome the issue. In next few days we are opened up with a molecule that has a potential to hold water and release it whenever needed.

HTAS has facilitated a state of the art laboratory to its R & D team. The laboratory is backed up with analytical facilities like NMR, HPLC, GC and UV Spectrophotometer etc.,. This enables our scientists to offer efficient, accurate and reliable innovations through development of new method of analysis, specifications, and validation for all process while developing new molecule and new formulations. Our R & D has excellent liaison with State Agriculture Universities, National Agriculture Research Institutes and Krishi Vignana Kendra.

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