Ornix is an excellent Soil conditioner, it can be added to soil to improve plant growth and health. Some soils lack nutrients necessary for proper plant growth in such cases Ornix can be used to correct the deficiencies.

Benefits of Ornix

  • Physically modify and improve texture and structure of soil.
  • Chemically improve the fixation properties of the soil.
  • Biologically stimulate the plant and the micro-fauna in the root zone.

Dosage and directions to use

For ground cover : 1kg per square meter of land.

For Shrubs            : 250gms per Plant while planting.

For trees               : 500 gms per plant per annum, ideally. It can be changed as per the soil condition. 

Available Packing (in kilograms): 40
Recommended for all crops

”The Soil Conditioner for Shurbs”

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