With an objective to increase yield and quality of Onion and Garlic, we developed an eco-friendly and safe granules called Mr. Onga through extensive field trials across the country.

  • Increases the bulb weight.
  • Increases the uniform sized bulbs.
  • Improves the color and tastes of bulbs.
  • Increases the effective utilization of nutrients from the soil.
Dosage and Direction
Use 3 Kg Mr. Onga granules for growing one acre of Onion or garlic. It can be mixed with any fertilizers or organic manures and can be applied to soil.
In case of saline, alkaline, acidic and wet soils apply 6 Kg of Mr. Onga.
Available Packing (in kilograms) : 3, 6, 15, 30.

”Common Friend of Onion and Garlic”

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