Horticulture involves the growing of fruits, spices,  flowers and other plantation crops of commercial importance. These are cultivated throughout the country. Horticulture crops being perennial in nature, their nutritional requirement is very unique. With an objective to increase yield and quality of these crops High Tech Agri Services has developed an eco friendly and safe granule called Mr. Horti through extensive field trails across the country. 

Benefits of Mr.Horti
  • Environmental friendly and safe product. Improves shape, size, color and flavor.
  • Helps to absorb macro and micro nutrients in the soil to increase the yield and quality. 
  • Improves the ability of plants to tolerate environmental stress (drought, temperature fluctuations, etc.) and diseases.
  • Increases storage freshness.
Method of Usage
Mr. Horti granules can be mixed with any fertilizers or organic manures and can be applied to soil.
Dosage : Varies from crop to crop.
Available Packing : 3 kg, 6 Kg, 15 Kg, 30 Kg.
Target Crops :  All Horticultural Crops.

”Excellent For All Horticultural Plants”

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