Magic and Zoom are mixture of plant derivatives such as amino acids, polysaccharides, folic acids, humic acid, citric acid, Vitamin B1, B2 & B6, Auxins, Cytokinins and other organic substances to boost the growth of the plants.

  • Makes the plants more athletic.
  • Boosts plants defense mechanism.
  • Increases yield.
  • Increased resistance to diseases and drought.
  • Increased efficiency of nutritional uptake from the soil.
  • Increases the efficiency of nutritional utilization.
  • Prevention of dropping of flowers and fruits.
Magic Dosage/Directions to use:
Dilute 3 ml of Magic in a liter of water and spray on both the sides of the leaves preferable noon hours.
Zoom Dosage: 5 ml in 50 Ltrs. of water.
Magic Packing available:  250 ml, 500 ml, 1 Ltr., 5 Ltr., 25 Ltr..
Zoom Packing available : 5 ml
Recommended for all crops


”Makes the Plants more Athletic”

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