Chilli Spl a formulate containing potassium, macro and micro nutrients, amino acids, vitamins specially designed to feed Chilies and to meet their general nutritional requirements. 

Benefits of Chilli Spl:
  • Helps to develop proper root system.
  • Increase resistance to diseases and drought.
  • Quickly corrects nutrient deficiency problems.
  • Enhances flower and fruit set.
  • Better color and size of the bunches.
  • Prevents flowers and fruits drop.
  • Prevents mal formed fruits.
Dosage and Direction of use:
Add 4 ml of Chilli Special and 1 ml of Wet Magic in a liter of water and mix them well.
Foliar spray: Thorough spray on both surfaces of the leaves is recommended.
We recommend frequent small applications, rather than fewer applications with larger amounts.

Packing available: 1 Ltr, 5 Ltr.

”Chilly Yield Enhancer”

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