Banana-L a formulae containing potassium, macro and micronutrients, amino acids, vitamins specially designed to feed bananas and meet their general nutritional requirements. It is an organic based foliar spray, which can also be used for crown treatment through leaf stalk. 

Application method
Crown treatment: 250 ml of solution is poured slowly on the top leaf stalk so that the overflow is trapped by lower ones.
Foliar spray:  Thorough spray on both surfaces of the leaves is recommended. Both the crown treatment and foliar spray are recommended once in a month till the plant reaches 7 months.
  • We recommend frequent small applications, rather than fewer applications with greater amounts.
  • Helps to develop the proper root system.
  • Increase resistance to diseases and drought.
  • Quickly corrects nutrient deficiency problems.
  • Enhances the flower and fruit set.
  • Better color and size of the bunches and fruits.
  • Increase yield.

Dosage and Direction to use: Add 4 ml of Banana-L and 1 ml of Wet Magic in a litre of water and mix them well.

Packing available:  1 Ltr, 5 Ltr.

”Banana Yield Enhancer”

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