Hightech Agriculum is a pioneer in manufacturing of Safe and Functional foods for plants. The focus is to make higher productivity of all the crops ensuring Safe and Functional foods to all human beings and animals. As the food chain starts with the Agriculture, we believe there is an urgent need to keep the toxic molecules out of the agricultural system.

The present range of products of Hightech Agriculum are the result of such thinking and wonderful combination of the best brains in the field of Plant Science. With five thousand years of civilization to our credit, we are yet to standardize the safe and functional fuel (food) to our biological machine (human body). We are proud to dedicate our-self for this noble cause of creating healthy and wealthy human resource in this beautiful green planet, the Earth. Our expertise is to keep the problems of the plants away from the fields, while the rest are busy in solving the problems.

We strongly believe if you can give the plants what you can, plants will give you back what they can. If you give the plants what they need, they will give you back what you need. Let us add some more green to the Mother Nature so as to create better place to live-in for generations to come.

Our Sister Concern

  • Dr.Hegde Nanoculum Inc. Mysore, INDIA (A Company Specialized in Nano-technology in Agriculture).
  • Agriculum International Bangalore, INDIA (A Company Dedicated to Help the Plantation Farmers).
  • High Tech Agri Thai Pvt. Ltd., Chenbari, Thailand

Area of Expertise

Research and Development in agriculture to solve the burning problems of the farming community in non-toxic ways.


  • Invented products to solve burning problems of the farmers. (Bio-Fight, Agri Tab, Rice yield improved in Mynmar).
  • Extended First of its Kind Rice Project in the Desert of the Dubai.
  • Leading Organisation Focusing on Safe & Functional Agriculture.
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Our Team

Dr Nagaraj Hegde

Mr.Suresh Bhat

Dr. Shridhar Sham Dixit

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